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Stitch Fix #22 Review - June/July 2016

Stitch Fix #22 Review - June/July 2016 Collage

Stitch Fix Review - June/July 2016

Note:  This point contains affiliate links to support my blogging addiction!  :)

Summer is in full swing, and I'm excited to share this latest fix with all of you!  I received some beautiful and colorful items!  One thing that I love about summer is that I can ask my Stitch Fix stylist for things that are NOT work appropriate.  Ha ha.  It's a nice change.  Around the middle of August, I'll be back on campus and my tune will change . . . .I'll enjoy it while I can!

If you're reading this, you're probably familiar with Stitch Fix, but if not, read on for a brief description of my history with Stitch Fix (and a couple of other clothing-by-mail services) and a short explanation of how the whole thing works:

I became a member of Stitch Fix in January of 2015, and I am definitely a fan!  My closet has improved 1000% since then.  I've found that fashion can be addicting, though.  In October of 2015, I tried Golden Tote, another clothing-by-mail service!  I may never see the inside of a mall again!  :)

If you've never heard of Golden Tote, you can follow the links below to any of my reviews and get the scoop on this other great service.  It's a little different than Stitch Fix, but I've found it equally fun!  I've gotten six totes so far, along with a couple of mystery totes.  (Those weren't quite as successful, but what can you do?)  It's addicting!  Anyway, here are my Golden Tote reviews if you're interested!

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Before I get on with Stitch Fix, I have to post one more link.  O.o

This is a little embarrassing, but there is another clothing box service called Trunk Club that I recently tried.  Why?  I don't know.  Because it was there.  That's all I can tell you.  Ha ha.  It was fun, though I ended up sending most of the items back.  Here's my review of that experience (this one includes a link-up):

Trunk Club #1 Review and Link-Up - April 2016

I also got a second trunk a few weeks ago, but I'm still editing pictures and putting that post together.  It should be coming soon!

OK.  Back to Stitch Fix!

To get started, you go to their website and fill out your style profile!  That gives you a chance to show your stylist your measurements, usual sizes, how you like things to fit, and the styles that generally appeal to you.  
If you're interested in checking it out, please consider following my link to schedule your first fix!  (I just recently joined Stitch Fix's affiliate program, which means I get a small commission for anyone who signs up using my link.  However, my opinions are always my own and I pay for all of my own fixes!)

When you order a fix, you pay $20.00 to have your own personal stylist look at your style profile and preferences (which can include a Pinterest board).  They will choose five clothing and/or accessory items specifically for you.  They are shipped right to your doorstep!  You have three days to try the items with other things in your own wardrobe and decide if you want to keep them.  The $20.00 styling fee is credited toward any items that you decide to purchase, and you receive a prepaid shipping envelope to return anything that you don't want.  If you happen to keep all five items, you receive a 25% discount on the whole box!  You can choose to receive fixes every month, every few weeks, or only once in a while.  Here are some links to my previous reviews, if you'd like to check them out:

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It is possible to peek (using Stitch Fix's mobile app) at what you're getting in your fix once it has shipped.  I have to admit - in the past, I usually have.  I think I'm over it, though.  It's more fun when I don't peek!  I've gotten pretty good at resisting the temptation!

One of the nice things about Stitch Fix is that they send you a style card with ideas for each of the items that you receive.  If you're clueless about fashion (as I can be sometimes), it's nice to see a couple of different ways to wear a new style.

Stitch Fix #22 Review - June/July 2016 - Style Card

Lauren was my stylist again!  :)  I was happy to see that, because I have enjoyed each and every fix that she has styled for me, even I haven't kept everything!  Here's her note to me:

Stitch Fix #22 Review - June/July 2016 - Stylist Note

Sounds promising, right?

Well . . . here we go!  Here's what I got:

1. See U Soon Michels Embellished Top - $68.00

See U Soon Michels Embellished Top - Stitch Fix #22 Review - June/July 2016

This top is one that I recently added to my Pinterest board.  I think the black and white makes it a perfect edgy/boho combination - right up my alley!  The beaded embellishment is just beautiful!  

Unfortunately, the fit wasn't quite right for me.  This top had absolutely no stretch to it (obviously, with the beads), so it wasn't very forgiving.  It was super tight in the top and chest.  You can see how the stripe pattern in the front didn't flow nicely.  It got all spread out and weird looking because the top is just too small.  

It is my style.  I emailed Stitch Fix customer service to see if they had a larger size.  They did, and I almost went for it, but there was another problem.    

See U Soon Michels Embellished Top - Back - Stitch Fix #22 Review - June/July 2016

In the pic below, you can see the cut-out in the back.  Cute, but it went down so low that my strapless bra was exposed.  I don't mind wearing a strapless for a cute top, but if that doesn't even work?  Sorry.  I have to wear something!  Ha ha.  I thought there was a good chance that the large would expose the strap even more.  In the end, I thought going for the large would be iffy.  I decided to pass.  Too bad!  It's so cute!  

Verdict:  RETURN

2. Renee C Ventura Keyhole Top - $48.00

Renee C Ventura Keyhole Top - Stitch Fix #22 Review - June/July 2016

Here's another top that I had pinned to my Pinterest board.  Unfortunately, it was also on the small side.  Let me tell you, this fix was not good for my ego.  Ha ha.  Obviously, I tried it on for the picture, but I had a hard time finding an angle for a photo that would not show how small the top is on me.  

Aren't the colors beautiful, though?  I really did love the top, but there was no way I could keep it.  When I emailed Stitch Fix about the See U Soon top, I also asked them about this one.  Luckily, they had a large available!  I was pretty confident that it would work, so I agreed to keep it if they would do the size exchange.  

The next question that came to my mind was . . . should I change my size preferences?  That's a fair question.  Well, I don't think so.  I'm a larger medium, but I think I would have the same issue with large tops.  Some of them would be too big!   ???  I'm just tall and I have very broad shoulders.  I'm glad Stitch Fix is so great with size exchanges.  

I have a confession to make.  I've been dragging my feet a little bit on this blog post.  I've actually already received and worn the large.  It works much better than the medium.  Unfortunately, I only recently noticed that it is 100% rayon.  Those tend to shrink on me!  I love the top, so I'm hoping that if I wash it in cold and hang it to dry (inside; not in the sun), I'll be OK.  After my last fix, I did ask for a note on my profile to state that I wanted to avoid 100% rayon items, but was told that it couldn't be guaranteed.  Well, I should have checked the tag before I decided to keep it.  I'm hoping for the best, though!  :)

Verdict:  KEEP (with a size exchange)

3. Renee C Cassandra Maxi Dress - $68.00

Renee C Cassandra Maxi Dress - Stitch Fix #22 Review - June/July 2016

I have mixed feelings about this maxi dress.  I loved the colors - so beautiful!  Now that I look at the pictures, I almost wish I would have kept it!  (Spoiler - I sent it back!)  It does look better in the pictures than it did in real life, though.  I need to remember that!  :)

I just didn't love how it fit me.  It was OK.  It was strapless bra-friendly, so that was a plus.  However, there were some weird gaps in the back.  You can't really see them in the photos.

It was nice and long.  That's a plus, considering I am on the tall side.  The skirt was lined, though.  "Lined" and "summer" just don't go together for me.  I really think it would have been OK without the liner.  Two layers of fabric are pretty much a no-go right now.

Since joining Stitch Fix, I've been trying to improve my fashion sense, but on a super-hot day in a ridiculously casual town, my attire can easily consist of a brewery t-shirt, denim shorts, and a ball cap.  Ha ha.  I just didn't think I'd wear this dress very often.  I have a couple of cute summer dresses in my closet that I haven't worn yet, so . . . I had to pass.

Renee C Cassandra Maxi Dress - Back - Stitch Fix #22 Review - June/July 2016

Sigh.  Love the colors.  Love the pattern.  I might have made a mistake!  O.o

Verdict:  RETURN

4. Dolce Vita Lettie Cross Strap Wedge - $120.00

Dolce Vita Lettie Cross Strap Wedge - Stitch Fix #22 Review - June/July 2016

I've had pretty good luck with Stitch Fix's shoes!  I've received a couple of great pairs, and I'm always happy to see them in my fix!  On the surface, these seem like a good choice.  I have developed a fondness for wedges.  Coral/orange is my new favorite summer color.

I almost kept these.  I'm picky about shoes, though.  I don't like them to be loose.  The straps around my ankles did not fit tightly enough for me.  There were gaps, and I felt that they would only get worse as I wore these shoes.  Plus, they are expensive!  If they were 30 or 40 dollars, I might have taken my chances and hoped for the best.

I just didn't think I'd wear these enough to justify keeping them!

Dolce Vita Lettie Cross Strap Wedge - Stitch Fix #22 Review - June/July 2016

They're kind of cute, though!  I'll probably have regrets about not keeping these shoes to wear with the maxi dress (that I also didn't keep).  Oh, well.

Verdict:  RETURN

5. Daniel Rainn Feruko Lace Detail Top - $74.00

Daniel Rainn Feruko Lace Detail Top - Stitch Fix #22 Review - June/July 2016

This shirt could have easily worked for me.  I have a couple of other Daniel Rainn tops.  In general, they've been good purchases.  

I love navy.  And lace detail!

The other two Daniel Rainn tops that I own have built-in camisoles.  I feel like this top could have used one.  It's very sheer.  Unless a person happens to have a navy bra/camisole on hand, whatever is worn underneath will stand out.

I wore a white bra and camisole.  Maybe not the best choice.  I get that.  What to wear, though?  I could have worn a strapless bra, but the whole shirt was sheer.  I still would have needed a camisole.  I just didn't feel like I had anything flattering to wear under it.  The white straps peeking through both the front and the back just looked . . . weird.

Plus, the fit was a bit weird.  The arm holes seemed kind of roomy.  I didn't love the top, and it's an expensive one.  I decided to pass.

Daniel Rainn Feruko Lace Detail Top - Back - Stitch Fix #22 Review - June/July 2016

Verdict:  RETURN

Well, there you have it!  I'm happy with the one top that I kept, and I'm really looking forward to my next fix!

I requested to keep Lauren as my stylist for next time!  The weird thing about this fix was that, even though I kept only one thing, I loved everything!  It didn't all work on me, but you never know until you try!

By the way, if you'd like an easy way to see Stitch Fix items that other people have received, you can check out some other great Stitch Fix reviews by clicking on the link below and visiting a great linkup.  It's hosted by Maria of Crazy Together.  I always enjoy seeing her fixes and joining in the fun  with other Stitch Fix fans!  :)

Please comment!  Did I make the right calls?  Have you received any of these items?  What did you think?

Thanks again for reading!

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