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Stitch Fix #10 Review - September 2015


Stitch Fix #10 Review September 2015 Collage

Stitch Fix Review - September 2015

Note:  This point contains affiliate links to support my blogging addiction!  :)

It's that time again . . . time for a Stitch Fix review!  I received my box yesterday.  It was a very busy day!  I came home from a full day at school and had about a one hour window to try on the items and take pictures before having a quick dinner and heading back for an evening rehearsal.  This is the first chance I've had to get this review finished!  I wanted to post it as soon as possible because I need help deciding what to keep.  Please help steer me in the right direction!  :)

If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you already know about Stitch Fix.  If you've never heard of it, there are many blogs, along with Stitch Fix's own website, that will give you all the details.  I won't write you a novel about it, but I'll tell you the basics:  As a member of Stitch Fix, you pay $20.00 to have your own personal stylist look at your style profile and preferences (which can include a Pinterest board).  They will choose five clothing and/or accessory items specifically for you.  They are shipped right to your doorstep!  You have three days to try the items with other things in your own wardrobe and decide if you want to keep them.  The $20.00 styling fee is credited toward any items that you decide to purchase, and you receive a prepaid shipping envelope to return anything that you don't want.  You can choose to receive fixes every month, every few weeks, or only once in a while.  I've had so much fun with Stitch Fix that I'm currently receiving boxes about every three weeks.

I signed up for Stitch Fix in January of 2015 and I've really been enjoying it!  I don't usually have much luck shopping for clothes in my local area.  The selection is pretty dismal.  I'm rarely in the mood for clothes shopping anyway, so Stitch Fix is a great option for me!

So . . . this is what my September fix brought:

1. Margaret M Emer Print Straight Leg Pant - Price - $78.00

Margaret M Emer Print Straight Leg Pant and Pixley Messi Lattice Neckline Knit Top

I was really excited to see these, because I have SO MANY pairs of plain black or grey slacks.  I have been wanting to try some pants with more color.  I love the print - it's cute!  Melanie, my stylist, suggested that I try them on with the Pixley Messi Lattice Neckline Knit Top from a previous fix (that I did not review) and some black flats, and I did!  It was a fun combination!

Margaret M Emer Print Straight Leg Pant and Pixley Messi Lattice Neckline Knit Top

When I took these pants out of the box, they looked too small, but then I realized that was because they are very stretchy.  There is no zipper - they are basically pull-on pants.  At first, I thought they would be too tight, but once I had them on, they were fine.  I'm not sure I'd wear them to work, though.  I think the size I received is appropriate for the style, but they are quite form-fitting.  At first, I almost felt like I was wearing yoga pants or leggings.

My husband and I did not quite agree on these - ha ha.  I was leaning toward yes, but he wasn't crazy about them.  He pointed out that they bunch up around my knees.  If you look at the picture, he's right.  They do - but I think it's just more noticeable because of the print.  After my hasty try-on session, I started paying attention to skinny pants/jeans that other ladies were wearing.  They all bunch up around the knees!

I don't know . . . what should I do?


2. Pixley Millie Textured Dress - Price - $68.00

Pixley Millie Textured Dress - Stitch Fix Review September 2015

Pixley Millie Textured Dress - Stitch Fix Review September 2015

I couldn't decide which picture of this dress to post.  I decided to go with both of my favorites.  I'm standing up straighter in the second one!  Ha ha.  I think that's the ticket with this dress.

I really thought this dress wasn't going to work.  I love the print and the overall style, but it just looked kind of small.  I could tell when I took it out of the box that it would be quite fitted.  I wasn't sure that it would zip in the back.  Surprisingly, it did, and it did so without creating any weird bulges.  That's always a plus!

I had fun trying on shoes with this dress.  I tried nude heels.  That worked.  I also tried some different red heels with more of a patent finish.  They were a little over the top.  Then I remembered these sling-back heels and matching clutch from Banana Republic.  I also included a cute red heart necklace.  Unfortunately, these shoes are one of the most uncomfortable pairs I own.  A few years ago, I wore them to a wedding and was unable to feel my toes for about a month afterward.  True story!  I love the combination, though.  Maybe I'll just wear this outfit when I know I won't have to walk/stand much . . .

Yes, it's a bit short.  Not a work dress.  That's OK - I usually don't wear dresses to work, anyway!

Verdict:  KEEP

3. Daniel Rainn Camulos Henley Tunic - Price - $68.00


4. Street Level Huron Reversible Magnetic Closure Tote - Price - $48.00

Daniel Rainn Camulos Henley Tunic and Street Level Huron Reversible Magnetic Closure Tote

Daniel Rainn Camulos Henley Tunic and Street Level Huron Reversible Magnetic Closure Tote

I'm kind of on the fence with this top.  I like it.  It's definitely my style, and I like a lot of the colors in it.  I have SO MANY boho/hippie tops, though!  It's also a little roomy.  I wish it had another button.  It's kind of on the borderline - do I wear a camisole with it because it's low-cut?  If the camisole shows, it will only show a bit, and it might not look like an intentional addition to my outfit.  It's also really HOT outside!  Still.  I can't picture myself wearing this for at least another month or so.

I do like it, though.  I'm just not sure if I love it.  My husband, on the other hand, likes it a lot.  Ha.  I like the pants; he likes this top.  Should I keep both?  Should I keep only one of the two?  Neither?  Help me!  What do you think?

Note:  I am wearing the Kut from the Kloth skinny jeans that I received in my first fix, and they also bunch up around the knees.  I think that's just what happens with this style of pant.  Right?

Verdict (top):  UNDECIDED

I'm going to pass on the bag.  I'm just not bonding with the wine color or the tote style.  I'm also not buying the whole "reversible" thing.  I tried that, and it seemed very . . . inside out.

I would actually like to DOWNSIZE my purse.  I have used the same Fossil purse for about 4 years now.  It's a lot smaller than this, and I still carry around a bunch of stuff that I don't use.  (Do I really need 10 lipsticks in my bag at all times? )  I'm embarrassed to say that I still have some souvenir (cardboard) coasters in there that I got from various bars/breweries on our last vacation, which was over a month ago!  What in the world are those still doing in there?  I need to get it together and start getting some cute bags that will not tempt me to stuff them with more stuff!

I might like to receive some smaller bags with a shoulder strap or maybe even some clutch bags.  Sigh.  I wish I was a bag person.  I would like to keep trying.  Maybe there's hope.  I just now started wearing cute hats every once in a while.  That took forever.  Ha ha.

As far as color goes, I am drawn more to bright primary colors or black.  I also like prints.  My Fossil elephant purse is multicolored.  It doesn't match with ANYTHING; therefore, it matches with EVERYTHING!  This wine-colored bag makes me feel like I need to match it with something.  That's probably just my hang-up.

Verdict (bag):  RETURN

5. Soko Bondo Curved Horn Necklace - Price - $48.00

Soko Bondo Curved Horn Necklace - Stitch Fix Review September 2015

This necklace.  Hmmm . . . I don't really know what to say about it.  It's just not my style at all.  I don't mind the length.  It's nice to have short necklaces to wear with certain tops.  I just find the pendant kind of big and clunky.  I don't think it's particularly interesting.  I'm in a silver rut with jewelry, and I'm trying to branch out.  I wouldn't mind some gold colored jewelry (or anything that's not silver), but this isn't it.  I don't think I'd ever wear it, and it's too expensive to take a chance.

Verdict:  RETURN

I had a great time trying these items and writing about them.  I feel that Melanie listened to my comments from last time and looked at my Pinterest board.  She sent exactly what I asked for - I got only one top and all the rest were other things!  It seems like I have kept mostly tops in the past and I really wanted to try some other items.  They didn't all work, but I would like to keep receiving interesting pieces that I wouldn't necessarily pick for myself.  I hope Melanie can style me again!  :)

OK - now I need some help!  What do you think?  Should I keep the pants?  Should I keep the top?   I have until Sunday to decide.  What do you think about the other items?  Please comment!  Thanks so much for reading!

Update:  My mom and my sister helped me out yesterday!  They came over for a birthday party and I showed them all the items.  They agreed with me on the bag and the necklace.  They also agreed that I have a bunch of tops like the one I received, so I decided I would feel OK about sending it back, even though it's cute.  The fact that it fit just slightly baggier than I prefer would always bug me.  There will be other boho tops in my future . . .

Also, I realized that if I kept the three most expensive items (as I almost did) it would cost nearly as much as keeping all five.  I didn't want to keep all five and clutter my closet with items I wasn't crazy about.  I decided I should probably just keep two.  The dress was already a given.  I went with the pants as my second keeper.   I always love my dear husband's input, but I'm the one that has to wear them, so I just decided to go with my gut and keep what I felt good about.  :)  I can't wait to see what I get next time!

If you're interested in giving Stitch Fix a try, please consider following my link to fill out your style profile and schedule your first fix!  (I just recently joined Stitch Fix's affiliate program, which means I get a small commission for anyone who signs up using my link.  However, my opinions are always my own and I pay for all of my own fixes!)

Please comment?  Did I make the right calls?  Have you received any of these items?  What did you think?  Thanks again for reading!

Second Update:  I got a SECOND box this September!  :)  Stitch Fix is just too much fun!  Check that review out here!

P.S.  If you like to cook, here's my latest eclectic taco recipe!  Check it out!


  1. Thank you! I'm so glad I decided to keep them! :)

  2. That was easily a keep all 5 box! Everything looked really cute on you!

  3. Awww! :) Thank you, Kari! I may regret sending that top back! We'll see!

  4. Those pants look AWESOME on you! Good choice!


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