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Trunk Club #1 Review - April 2016


Trunk Club Review - April 2016 - Collage

Trunk Club #1 Review - April 2016

Note:  This point contains affiliate links to support my blogging addiction!  :)

I finally did it.  I tried Trunk Club.  I told myself that Stitch Fix and Golden Tote have provided me with more than enough cute clothes and that I definitely did not need to try another clothing service.

Sigh.  It didn't work.  I gave in.  I've heard some great things about Trunk Club, so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  I received my trunk a week ago, and it has taken me this long to finish my review.  Why?  Because I received fourteen items!  Crazy!

As I mentioned, I'm also a member of Stitch Fix (since January of 2015) and Golden Tote (since October of 2015).  I am a fan of both, though they are different from one another.  I would highly recommend checking out either or both services.  I've thoroughly enjoyed them, and my closet isn't complaining, either!  If you like having cute clothes, but hate to shop, these will save you!  Ha ha.

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This list is getting longer and longer.  Can you imagine how much clothing I must have in my closet?  My husband is beginning to think I have a problem.  Ha ha.  I've never really been a clothes person, and now look what's happened to me!

All right - back to Trunk Club!

If you're reading this, you might already know a few things about Trunk Club.  If not here are the basics:

To get started, you go to their website, create an account, and provide your size information.  I found this step to be much shorter the sign-up processes for 
Stitch Fix and Golden Tote.  Basically, Trunk Club pairs you with a stylist before addressing the details.

After I was paired with my stylist, Stefanie, she sent me a welcome email with a questionnaire about my style preferences, my go-to options for workdays and weekends, and the current state of my wardrobe.  I was also able to describe the price points that I was looking for.  (Since Trunk Club is basically Nordstrom, this is important - they have some high end stuff!  This part actually took a little bit more time than the other two services.  There were no checkboxes - I had to type out all of my answers in my own words.  Maybe that's good - I was able to go into more detail and really try to describe my style.

Stefanie also asked for three things I'd like to see in my first trunk.  I said I'd like to try some new summer sandals, a casual swing dress, and printed shorts.  Shortly after that, she sent me a preview of my trunk.  One nice thing about Trunk Club is that you have the ability to remove items from your trunk if you're pretty sure they're not going to work.  For example, one item in my preview was a Lucky denim button-down shirt.  I thought it was too plain.  I like color and details!  Also, long sleeves are about a week away from not happening until late October!  Ha ha.  I was glad that I was able to remove it so that Stefanie could include something else instead.

Another great thing about Trunk Club is that there is no styling fee!  And no shipping charges!  It's basically risk-free.  If you like absolutely nothing, you can put it all back in the box and return it!

My trunk arrived pretty quickly (though it seemed like a long time because I was so excited about it)!  It was a pretty big box.  I have to say - the packing, at least for me, left something to be desired.  The shoe boxes had rubber bands around them, but the jewelry boxes did not.  There were two necklaces loose in the trunk.  I wasn't even sure which box each one had come in.  I found that kind of strange.  I'm glad nothing was broken or ruined.  Maybe that was just a fluke.

I also received an email from Stefanie at about the same time that suggested a few outfits for me to put together.  This part was a little confusing, because I was looking all over the packing slip for the suggestions, as I had heard that the stylists always put together a list of suggested outfits.  I had already tried on and photographed several of the items before I noticed it.  I didn't realize this information came in an email.  Now I know for next time!  :)

How did I like my trunk, you ask?  Well . . . here's what I got!

1.STATE Cold Shoulder Peasant Top - $89.00

1.STATE Cold Shoulder Peasant Top - Trunk Club Review - April 2016

This top was one of the things in my trunk preview that I was most excited about.  I'm kind of digging the cold shoulder look, though I don't think I'd wear it to work.  Especially not this top.  It's practically strapless!  O.O  

Wth - it's April.  It's almost summer vacation, so I'll soon be able to wear whatever I want!

I styled this top with my Kut from the Kloth jeans that I received in my very first Stitch Fix box!  I still wear them pretty regularly.  I also added the Kendra Scott necklace and Lucky wedge sandals that you'll read about later.

I love the coral color of this top!  I think coral might be my thing this summer.  Sadly, however, this top doesn't work for me.  It isn't comfortable.  The sleeves seem to fall way too low, and the fabric has no stretch to it.  Every time I lifted my arms, I felt constricted.  You can see the fit issues better in this picture.  See how it's halfway down my arm and baggy in the underarm area?  No.  Life's too short.  We're already uncomfortable enough during the summer.  (115 degrees will do that.)  Ha ha.  No need to make it worse!

STATE Cold Shoulder Peasant Top - Trunk Club Review - April 2016

Oh, well.  It wasn't a bad choice.  It is my style.  I'd probably keep it if it fit better!

Verdict:  RETURN

Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant Necklace - $50.00

Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant Necklace - Trunk Club Review - April 2016

Here is a close-up of the necklace that I wore with the cold shoulder top.  The pendant is a shiny black and the chain and accents are gold colored though, not as yellowish as some gold jewelry can be.  The chain is quite short, but it's adjustable.  It's a pretty cute necklace.  It probably wasn't the best choice for the top, though.  It got rather lost.  I should have chosen a larger statement necklace!

I don't think I love this enough to justify keeping it.  $50 is enough to make me hesitate on a piece of fashion jewelry.  I would have to think it was special in some way.  This is just . . . nice.  I'm going to pass.

Verdict:  RETURN

Lucky Brand Katereena Wedge Sandal - $69.00

Lucky Brand Katereena Wedge Sandal - Trunk Club Review - April 2016

All right.  Now we come to the hands-down winner in my trunk.  These shoes!  When I saw the preview, I wasn't sure about them.  I wanted some summer wedges, but the black made these look a little . . . dressy, maybe?  I live in super casual clothes over the summer (usually shorts) and I wanted some shoes that I could wear with anything.

Well, the fact that the black strip is woven material kind of dresses these shoes down for me, which is good.  They're pretty comfortable, too.  I wore them to school the very day after I received them!  The black material rubbed the tops of my toes just slightly, but it wasn't bad.  I think they just need a breaking-in period.  They're easy to walk in!

Here's a shot from the back:

Lucky Brand Katereena Wedge Sandal (2) - Trunk Club Review - April 2016

And from the other side:

Lucky Brand Katereena Wedge Sandal (3) - Trunk Club Review - April 2016

Can you tell I love these shoes?  Ha ha.

Just for fun, I looked them up on Amazon to see if they were available (and what the price difference might be from Nordstrom's website).  Look what I found!

These aren't exactly the same, but they're pretty close, and much cheaper.  Well . . . as I said, I've already worn them, so that ship has sailed for me.  Ha ha.  However, if you're looking for a cute pair of summer wedges, give these a try.  What a deal, right?  :)

Verdict:  KEEP

Free People Layla Floral Print Shorts - $79.00


Free People Layla Floral Print Shorts and Sydney Tank - Trunk Club Review April 2016

Let's deal with the shorts first.  I did ask for printed shorts.  I appreciate that Stefanie did her best to find me a pair.  There are just so many things wrong with these (for me).  Since I am a new customer, she would have no way of knowing that!  Anyway, these shorts are longer and pleated with a stretchy waistband and a long tie.  I hate pleats.  For my body, pants and shorts need to be flat front.  Elastic waistbands usually don't work for me either.  I feel like they always add bulk.  I like fitted shorts with a button/zip fly.  These also seem pretty roomy.  Does Free People run big?  I found a few of the Free People items to be looser than I prefer.

This print is so not me!  Here's a close-up:

The dusty pink, light purple, and rust color combination is not my thing at all.  I like bright, primary, and jewel-tone colors.  I'm also picky about floral prints.  This is just too "girly" for my taste.

I feel kind of weird posting such an unflattering picture of the back, but here we go:

Free People Layla Floral Print Shorts and Sydney Tank (2) - Trunk Club Review April 2016

How frumpy is this look?  Ugh.  I'm sure these shorts would be cute on a lot of people, but they're not cute on me.

The rust colored tank top was paired with the shorts as one of my suggested outfits.  In my opinion, the tank is just OK.  It fits well at the top, but the bottom seems a little baggy.  I couldn't figure out what to do with it - tuck it in?  Leave it out?  Another issue with the shorts is that the tie around the waist creates bulk unless you tuck the shirt in.  In the end, I tried it both ways.  I didn't like either . . .

Free People Layla Floral Print Shorts and Sydney Tank (3) - Trunk Club Review April 2016

I'm sure the tank top would have been fine with jeans, but I just don't like the color that much.  I wear red lipstick almost every day!  This muted, earthy color palette thing just doesn't work.  Also, $38.00 is a lot for a tank unless you love it - right?

Verdict (shorts):  RETURN

Verdict (tank):  RETURN

Dolce Vita Jasmyn Ghillie Sandal - $89.95 (now $67.46)

Dolce Vita Jazmyn Ghillie Sandal - Trunk Club Review April 2016

These sandals . . . hmm.  Well, they're OK.  I've decided I really don't like this drawstring type of design.  It makes a pair of shoes very annoying to put on or take off. 

I don't have anything against the brand.  I received a pair of Dolce Vita Brannon Loafer flats in my last Stitch Fix box (black with white polka dots!!!) and I love those!

These sandals fit.  I don't love them.  I don't think they are particularly cute on me.  I'll just wear the Lucky wedges.  Ha ha.

Well, here's the whole outfit:  shorts, tank top, sandals.

Free People Shorts and Sydney Tank with Dolce Vita Jazmyn Ghillie Sandal - Trunk Club Review April 2016

Nope.  Not working for me.

Verdict (shoes):  RETURN

Caslon Drawstring Linen Short - $48.00

Caslon Drawstring Linen Short - Trunk Club Review - April 2016

I also received these printed shorts.  Unlike the others, they do not have pleats in the front.  I like the length and, though they do have a drawstring/elastic waist, it's not too bunchy.  It doesn't have the huge tie/bow that makes me feel like I should tuck the tank in.  (I hate tucking in shirts.)  It could work for me.

Here's a close-up of the print:

Again with the rust.  Meh.  The pattern is pretty - I just don't think the color would work with much in my closet.

These were close.  I could see myself keeping something like this if the colors were more my style.

Verdict:  RETURN

Kendra Scott Rayne Stone Tassel Pendant Necklace - $80.00

Kendra Scott Rayne Stone Tassel Pendant Necklace - Trunk Club Review - April 2016

So, I was sharing the draft of this blog post with one of my sisters, and she immediately noticed this item and said "I love that necklace!"  Apparently, she received it in a recent Rocksbox shipment (I have yet to try Rocksbox and shudder to even think of getting started with another subscription box!  Ha ha.)  Anyway, she said she wore this necklace with everything.  

That's funny, because for me, this necklace goes with nothing.  It's cute, though.  I liked the preview, though I couldn't see the color of the stone very clearly.  If so, I would have asked for a different color.  Pink is not my thing.  

It was included with the rust colored tank as part of one of my suggested outfits, but I don't think it works on me.  The necklace seems way too dressy for the tank.  I don't know.  I probably don't know what I'm talking about.  I have been enjoying long necklaces, though.  I could see this working with a blue or black stone and a dressier outfit. 

Kendra Scott Rayne Stone Tassel Pendant Necklace and Free People Sydney Tank - Trunk Club Review - April 2016

I just know I'm not going to wear this enough to justify the price tag.

Verdict:  RETURN

Free People Emma's Embroidered Swing Dress - $148.00 (now $88.80)

Free People Emma's Embroidered Swing Dress - Trunk Club Review - April 2016
Wow.  This dress.  I did ask for a swing dress, but I was hoping for a more gentle swing cut.  Lately, I have become envious of the cute swing dresses that I have seen other women receive from Golden Tote.  I've never been a fan of the swing cut.  I always feel like I'm wearing a maternity dress.  I've been wanting to give this style another try, though.  They look cute on other people.  Maybe???

Well, this dress is not what I was looking for.  It's a little big.  And so much fabric!  It's heavy and fully lined.  A summer dress this is not.  It's also super short!  I would have to wear tights or leggings with it, and that's not happening during our summers.

Free People Emma's Embroidered Swing Dress and Mesa Verde Gladiator Sandals - Trunk Club Review - April 2016

The floral print is OK, but I really don't like the mauve color.  Not my thing.

Verdict:  RETURN

Free People Mesa Verde Tall Gladiator Sandal  $138.00

Free People Mesa Verde Gladiator Sandals - Trunk Club Review - April 2016

I almost vetoed these sandals when I saw them in my trunk preview.  They're just . . . too  much.  I live in a super casual place.  I know these ARE casual, but they're also a little over the top.  It's almost like I would be trying too hard!  I figured I might as well try them on, though.  I was curious.

Well, remember what I said about the drawstring style?  These are twice the height (compared to the other sandals) and twice as annoying.  The ties kept slipping down my calves.  I could not wear these.  Hate.  Hate.  Hate.  Where are my new Lucky wedges?  Yes . . . those make a lot more sense for my lifestyle!  :)

Verdict:  RETURN

Free People Midnight Flowers Split Hem Dress - $168.00

Free People Midnight Flowers Split Hem Dress - Trunk Club Review - April 2016

So, this dress looks harmless enough, right?  The sweater material is not a thing that's going to happen for me during the summer, and the print is a bit odd.  Still, it's not bad, right?


This dress has virtually no back.  And no sides.  You know those dresses that size zero actresses have glued to their bodies to wear to the Oscars?  Yep.  This is that kind of dress.  The problem is that I have a 40-year-old, size 10 body - which I have NO problem with, by the way.  Unless I try to wear something like this.  Ha ha.

I suppose if I had looked at the preview a little more closely, I could have figured out that this dress wouldn't work for me.  It looked OK from the front, so I didn't think to investigate further.  My mistake.  After I received it, I went to Nordstrom's website.  If you click on the preview, you can see the back and sides (or lack thereof).  Oops.

Don't laugh.  I wanted to show the back and sides of the dress, but I just felt soooo weird about it.  I pixeled the most revealing parts out of the picture.  I mean, nothing was really showing, but it just wasn't flattering.  I couldn't do it.  But you get the idea.

Where would I wear this?  Not to work (obviously)!  This dress is the polar opposite of my lifestyle.  If I picture myself wearing this on a Thursday evening at McMasher's (our favorite local watering hole), I have to laugh.  Seriously, if I wore this in public, everyone that knows me would think I had lost my mind.  Ha ha.

I felt so naked.  Not in some positive, transcendent, meaningful way.  In an awkward way.  Umm . . . NO!

Verdict:  RETURN!!!

Kendra Scott Sophee Textured Drop Earrings - $50.00

Kendra Scott Sophee Textured Drop Earrings - Trunk Club Review - April 2016

These earrings are cute.  You can see them in my first photo of the Free People Midnight Flowers dress.  They're definitely cuter than the dress!  Ha ha.

There's nothing wrong with these.  I've just gotten some similar earrings (at better price points) lately and I didn't think it made sense to keep them.  (Look at these and these from recent Stitch Fix boxes!)  I do like them.  Lately, I've been accumulating a lot of cute items, though, so these are going back!

Verdict:  RETURN

Free People Love Potion Floral Print Sleeveless Knit Top - $88.00 

Free People Love Potion Floral Print Sleeveless Knit Top - Trunk Club Review - April 2016

I don't understand this top.  What does one wear underneath it?    I tried a white camisole.  I'll admit that white might not have been the best choice.  But . . . ???

Free People Love Potion Floral Print Sleeveless Knit Top (2) - Trunk Club Review - April 2016

The sides go down so low that a strapless bra is not an option.  Whatever is under this top is going to show.  Not a fan.  Unlike some of the other items I received, the floral print and colors aren't bad on this one.  I like burgundy and purple.  It's just too flowy and weird, though.  The fit is a dealbreaker.   It's a no.

Verdict:  RETURN

Free People Time Out Tank - $38.00

Free People Time Out Tank - Trunk Club Review - April 2016

I wasn't going to keep this tank.  It's expensive for such a basic item, so I wanted to reject it on principle alone.  But . . . coral is going to be my jam this summer.  I think.

And look at the back:

Free People Time Out Tank Back - Trunk Club Review - April 2016

The details are cute.  I love the color.  The material is thick and substantial.  It seems like a quality item.  Do I like it enough to wear a strapless bra with it?  Apparently, the answer is "yes".  I got sucked in.  I kept it.  I'm not sorry!

Verdict:  KEEP

Well, that's it!  Overall, I had fun with this experience.  I only kept two items, but I'm not too disappointed with that, considering that this was my first trunk!

I did leave some feedback for each item and also on the trunk in general.  Here's a portion of my note to Stefanie:

"This trunk was way too boho/hippie for me. I love boho style, but less flowy and flowery. I like a more fitted, eclectic, edgy kind of boho. The color profile was all wrong, too. In general, I don't like warm and earthy. I like primary or bright colors, jewel tones, and black. I'd like to try again at some point. I love the Lucky wedges and the coral tank. I'm going to post a blog post with more details and I will definitely send you the link in case you're interested. Thanks, Stefanie!"

I think that sums it up.  I really do appreciate how the stylists for these different services try to determine what we want from a combination of style profiles, verbal descriptions, photos, and maybe even a bit of mind reading!  I'm sure it's not easy!  This wasn't quite right, but I love the items I kept.  I think next time will be even better!  :)  These trunks contain a LOT of items.  I don't need another one right away.  I have a feeling I'll be tempted to try again soon, though!

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Please comment!  Did I make the right calls?  Have you tried Trunk Club yet?  How did you like it?

Thanks again for reading!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! It def seems like a fun subscription box but there are def items you can find MUCH cheaper and almost exactly the same elsewhere. I'm sorry that you didn't have more luck with this box. I'm glad you kept at least one thing!

    1. Thanks for checking it out, Tanya! I agree - it's not a deal, but the convenience is fun. I'm hoping the next one will work out a little better! :)

  2. What brand are the khaki shorts that you are wearing? They are really cute? Love the clothes you chose.

    1. Thank you, and thanks for checking out my review. I bought those khaki shorts from White House Black Market a few years ago. I wear them all the time! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your trunk and for the link up! I changed the name of my blog and now my link is broken (#4). Feel free to delete it, or if it's possible to alter the address in the link (and you're willing to do so) please let me know and I'll send you the new link.

    1. Hi, Mallory! I'd be happy to see if I can update the link. You can post it here or email it to me at kim@kimosteen.com - whatever you prefer. Thanks for participating! :)


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