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Golden Tote Review and Link-Up - April 2016

Golden Tote Review and Link-Up - April 2016 Collage

Golden Tote Review and Link-Up -  April 2016

Note:  this post contains affiliate links to support my blogging addiction!  

After a lengthy try-on and photo session yesterday, I'm finally ready to reveal my April tote!  Well . . . actually, it's more like a do-over of my March tote.  I sent that one back.

When I logged on to purchase my April tote, I found that the new items I wanted most were already sold out.  (I'm discovering that this is a common occurrence with Golden Tote.  Fortunately, a few of the items I missed out on in March had been restocked so I just went with those.  It worked out well.  I'm pretty happy with this tote!  :)

I've been a member of Golden Tote since October of last year.  Overall, it's been fun, though there have been some misses along the way.  If you'd like to check out my previous totes, here are my reviews:

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I'm also a member of Stitch Fix, which is another clothing-by-mail service that is equally fun.  My history with Stitch Fix is a bit longer - I've been a member for over a year.  If you'd like to check out those reviews, here are some links:

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If you're interested in checking it out, please consider following my link to schedule your first fix!  (I just recently joined Stitch Fix's affiliate program, which means I get a small commission for anyone who signs up using my link.  However, my opinions are always my own and I pay for all of my own fixes!)

Finally, I have to post one more link.  There is another clothing box service called Trunk Club that I recently tried.  Why?  I don't know.  Because it was there.  That's all I can tell you.  Ha ha.  It was fun, though I ended up sending most of the items back.  Here's my review of that experience:

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By the way, I also hosted a link-up (with my review) for other Trunk Club reviews.  If any of you ladies out there are fellow bloggers with a recent Trunk Club review, click on the link above and check it out!  :)

All right - back to Golden Tote!

When you sign up for Golden Tote, you fill out an online style profile.  It's pretty short - you answer some questions about your measurements, typical sizes, and how you like your clothes to fit.  Here are a couple of pages from my profile:

Golden Tote Style Profile - Style Inspiration

As you can see, they show you a few different style types.  You can check/uncheck as you wish - it's easy to update if you want to try something different for the next tote.

Golden Tote Style Profile - Style Personality

You are also able to specify certain colors and prints that you would like to avoid, which is helpful if you are not a fan of something that is "in".  For example, I'm not crazy about most florals, and they are everywhere this spring!

You can also attach an image to further depict your own personal style.  From what I understand, most people create collages (as I did).  I just made a new one for this last tote (different than the one pictured above).  Here it is:

Golden Tote - Style Collage

As you can see, I took advantage of the whole collage format to highlight more of my preferences by including text!

Note:  Golden Tote is implementing some policy changes next month.  The description below reflects what is true now - be aware that there will be some changes in the near future.  :)

You can order a tote at any time.  A lot of people buy multiple totes per month!  It's tempting, but I try to stick to one tote if I like the chosen items.  Sometimes I'll add on an item or two.  You can choose a small or large tote.  The small tote is $49 (this price is going up next month) and includes 1 item that you choose and another "surprise" item.  The large tote is $149 and includes 2 items that you choose and 3 to 4 surprise items (will only include 2-3 as of next month).  There is also an option to add on additional pieces from their online boutique for a reduced price.

The one drawback is that, if you want the bargain prices (around $25 per item right now), you have to keep it all.  You can send the whole thing back for a full refund (though you do have to pay for return shipping).  Basically, you just box it all back up, include the packing slip, and ship it back to them using the service of your choice.  If you just can't part with an item, you can keep it and send back the rest, but you will be charged the full boutique price, which is often quite a bit higher than the $25 average.

I ordered a large tote this month.  That's what I've always done in the past.  I love getting surprises!  My tote was styled by KB, who is one of the more popular stylists!  This is my first KB tote.

Golden Tote - April 2016 - Bird Tote Bag

When I opened it, my first thought was. "Well, at least I didn't get any basics!"  All of my surprises were colorful prints!  I liked what I saw right away!

Here's what I got!

1. THML Senorita Top (chosen item)

THML Senorita Top - Golden Tote Review - April 2016

This top was only available in purple when I ordered my March tote.  I gave it a try, but I really didn't love the purple.  When I saw the coral had been restocked, I had to do it!  I'm so glad I did!

It fits perfectly, and it's the cutest top.  It's a spot-on match to the coral earrings that I got in my February Stitch Fix box.  I think coral is going to be my thing this summer!

I was thinking about being creative and pulling out my white distressed skinnies, but in the end, I decided to style it simply - denim shorts and sandals.  That's probably how I would wear it, anyway!

THML Senorita Top (2) - Golden Tote Review - April 2016

I'm so happy with this top and so glad I didn't settle for the purple!  Love it!  :)

2.  Puella Swing into Spring Dress - Ikat Print (chosen item)

Puella Swing into Spring Dress - Ikat - Golden Tote Review - April 2016

My second chosen item was also a restock from the March collection.  It seems like everyone goes nuts over these swing dresses by Puella.  I've never been a fan of the swing style.  I've never thought I could pull it off.  I was afraid of looking pregnant.  Well, since I'm 40, that ship has just about sailed, so maybe people won't automatically assume that.  Ha ha.  These swing dresses just look so cute on other people that I had to give one a try!

I learned that this dress runs a little big (based on comments from other reviews/reveals).  I'm tall and a larger medium, so I decided not to size down.  I think that was a good call.   It is roomy, but it's clearly supposed to be that way, so I think it works. 

I love that it's really comfortable and casual.  That's me during the summer!  :)

I styled it with the Brimming With Style Hat that I added onto my November tote and some crazy big Jules Smith earrings that I bought in the Golden Tote trading group on Facebook.  I think it's a fun look!

Puella Swing into Spring Dress - Ikat (2) - Golden Tote Review - April 2016

I don't know if I'm going to go crazy with swing dresses from here on out, but I do like this one!  :)

3. Collective Concepts Ruffle Print Top (surprise)

Collective Concepts Ruffle Print Top - Golden Tote Review - April 2016

Collective Concepts usually works out pretty well for me.  I liked this top right away.  The print is beautiful - I like the combination of deep burgundy and grey.  I've got a lot of tops, but none quite like this.  It has a little tiny tassel detail around the neckline - it might be tough to see in the photo.  I styled it with my Liverpool Reagan Skinny Pants that I received in my January Stitch Fix box.  Here's a closer view of the print from the back:

Collective Concepts Ruffle Print Top (2) - Golden Tote Review - April 2016

I think this top will be very versatile.  I can wear it to work with nice pants, but I can also see it looking cute with shorts or jeans.  I will definitely be keeping this one!

4. Gilli Lace Back Tank (surprise)

Gilli Lace Back Tank - Golden Tote Review - April 2016

As I was perusing the Facebook trading group, I noticed that a lot of other ladies are in search of this lace back top.  Well, I'm not going to be able to help any of them out.  I like this a lot and I'll be keeping it!

I'm not usually crazy about florals, but this is just bold and not-girly enough to work for me.  I love the colors.  The fit is great!  I think it will work with a lot of things in my closet.  This time around, I styled it with the Liverpool Harper Bootcut Pants that I got in my February Stitch Fix box.

Gilli Lace Back Tank (2) - Golden Tote Review - April 2016

Like the ikat dress, this top also has a bit of a swing to it, but it's not too much.  I don't feel like I'm wearing a maternity shirt and I feel great in it!  :)

5. Renee C Abstract Print Dress (surprise)

Renee C Abstract Print Dress - Golden Tote Review - April 2016

I think this dress is cute and I was really hoping it would work, but it just doesn't.  :(  The fabric has no stretch to it and it's too tight in the hips.  The waist also sits higher than I would like.  It just doesn't work on my body.

This is seriously the best photo I got:

Renee C Abstract Print Dress (2) - Golden Tote Review - April 2016

It looks worse than that in real life.  Ha ha.  (On me, anyway!)

I love the colors and print, though.  What a great summer dress!

Fortunately, I've already been able to sell it.  In addition to the Golden Tote trading group, I belong to another Facebook group that focuses on Stitch Fix brand items.  Since Stitch Fix also sells Renee C, I was able to post it in that group and someone snapped it up right away!

6. Skies Are Blue Printed Palazzo Pants (surprise)

Skies Are Blue Printed Palazzo Pants - Golden Tote Review - April 2016

When I saw these, I thought, "Oh, no.  Palazzo pants!"  :(  I immediately went to my style profile and saw that I had NOT asked the stylists to avoid sending me wide leg pants.  I usually don't like them.  I updated my style profile so that I can avoid them in the future.  Then I took a closer look at the print:

Skies Are Blue Printed Palazzo Pants (2) - Golden Tote Review - April 2016

It looks like little UFOs!  Ha ha.  How cute.  I figured I would try them on and see if they worked.

Well.  I couldn't get them past my hips, so . . . that's why I only have a hanger pic.  Hmmm.  Oh, well.  I have lots of Skies Are Blue items and they never seem to run small.  It kind of surprised me that I couldn't even get these on my body.

Oh, well.  I'm going to try and sell or trade these.  Someone will love them!

Well . . . I guess that covers it!  I had a great time trying on these items and taking pictures.  I definitely want to keep four of the items, and I've already sold one, so that leaves me with just one more to re-home.  :)  In my experience, 4/6 for Golden Tote isn't bad.  I liked this tote A LOT more than my March tote, which I ended up sending back.

If my blog post has inspired you to try Golden Tote, please use this referral link to sign up.  If you do, I'll get a small credit.  (In case you're wondering, I was not compensated by Golden Tote in any way for this post.  My only relationship with them is as a customer and I have paid for all of my own items.)

Golden Tote Review Link-Up - April 2016

If you're a blogger and you've posted a recent Golden Tote review/reveal within the last 30 days, please feel free to share it here!  All I ask is that you include my link-up image (below) and a link back to this page in your post.  (Blog posts that do not include the link-up image and a backlink will be removed.)  I'm excited - this is my first Golden Tote link-up!  Please consider participating and let me know if there are any issues linking up!

Golden Tote Review Link-Up Collage

Please comment?  What do you think about the items I received?  Did I make the right calls?  :)

Thanks again for reading!

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