Friday, November 27, 2015

Stitch Fix #14 Review - November 2015


This latest fix ended up being a Thanksgiving fix!  I received the box on Wednesday afternoon.  I tried everything on (of course), but decided to wait until morning to take photos, because it was already getting dark!

I took these photos on Thanksgiving morning!  How did I have time to do that, you ask?  Well, I got off easy this year.  We went down to Tucson and had Thanksgiving dinner with my parents, some of my siblings, and my nephews.  I kept asking them if I could bring anything, but the only answer I got was "cranberry sauce".  All right.  I can do that.  (It was awesome, by the way.  Follow the directions on the Ocean Spray cranberry bag, but add two peeled/chopped green apples, a 1/4 tsp. of allspice, a large bay leaf, and a tablespoon of cider vinegar.  Just do it.  You're welcome.)

Anyway, this was a slightly rushed photo session (ignore the slightly damp hair), but I just couldn't wait to share everything!  My stylist, Melanie, came through again!  I got some great things!

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're familiar with Stitch Fix.  If not, check out any of my previous reviews for a more detailed explanation of this awesome service!

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If you're not currently a member and are interested in trying it out, here's my referral link:

If you sign up using my link, I'll get a small credit.  Just in case you were wondering, I pay for all my own fixes.  My only relationship with Stitch Fix is as a customer.  I signed up this past January and I've really been enjoying it!

Well . . . without further ado . . . here is my Thanksgiving fix!  :)

1.  Street Level Kina Fringe Clutch - $48.00

Wow!  This bag makes a statement!  The fringe?  The gold chain shoulder strap?  I had to keep this!  It's an edgy/boho dream!  It coordinated perfectly with my Thanksgiving outfit (pictured later in this post)!  There is a faux leather strap at the top of the chain to make it more comfortable.  Here's a picture of that:

I have to admit - I felt a little strange wearing it during my Black Friday morning run to the store in Tucson (we needed extra maple syrup for multiple batches of blueberry pancakes!)  It doesn't quite go with running pants and my NYC marathon shirt.  I'll spare you the sight of that photo.  Ha ha.  Oh, well.

I love the bag.  It's MINE!

Verdict:  KEEP

2.  Kut From The Kloth Jonathan (or Diana?) Skinny Corduroy - Price - $68.00

I have to admit, I peeked at what I was getting in this fix!  Yes, I did!  I  knew I was getting some skinny corduroy pants, but I didn't know what color they would be.  I was so happy when I opened the box and saw that they were teal!  I don't love a lot of the "in" colors right now.  Mustard?  Olive?  No thanks!  But . . . teal?  Yes, please!  :)

Note - this is the second time that I have received a Kut From The Kloth item that has had conflicting item information on the packing slip and the item itself.  The packing slip said "Jonathan".  The tag on the pants said "Diana" . . . ???  Let's call them Jonathan-Diana pants, maybe?
I thought I was in love with these pants.  Seriously.  They fit like a glove.  They were long enough.  I'm starting to appreciate ankle-length pants, but come on.  Not all the time.  :)

Well, they stretch.  A lot.  Like most of my other skinny pants, they were starting to fall down within fifteen or twenty minutes.  Fortunately, I have discovered a solution.  I recently ordered an invisible belt (Beltaway brand) on Amazon and it has greatly reduced my frustration with skinny pants - as long as they have belt loops!  It's not a perfect solution - it's not really meant to look stylish, but as long as it's covered by a shirt, it improves the situation immensely!  Here's a link if you want to try it:

I love this product!  It's saved some of my favorite pants from the give-away pile!  :)

Anyway, here's my Thanksgiving outfit - I paired the teal skinnies with a cute top that I got from another service that I enjoy, Golden Tote!

Golden Tote is a little different than Stitch Fix, but it's equally fun!  I've only ordered two totes so far, but I've enjoyed both very much!  Here are my reviews of those experiences if you're interested:

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Anyway, back to Stitch Fix!  I love the pants.  I wish they didn't stretch.  I have a Beltaway.  I'll live.  :)

By the way, I wimped out on the leopard flats before we left for Tucson.  I went with black instead.  Now that I look at these photos, I think that was a mistake.  Life is too short.  Wear the leopard flats!

Verdict:  KEEP

3.  Fate Fes Faux Suede Moto Jacket - Price - $84.00

I finally got a moto jacket!  It's so soft!  The arms are so long!  I love it!  It's a bit snug in the shoulders (and doesn't really zip comfortably), but it's also stretchy!  It fits like my Kut From the Kloth denim jacket from my October fix, and I wear that all the time!

Unfortunately, it has a broken snap.  I really wanted to keep it, so I emailed Stitch Fix's customer service.  On Thanksgiving Eve.  Ha ha.  I thought I might not hear back from them until Monday - imagine my surprise when I received a reply only an hour or two later!

They are sending me a replacement jacket, so I will be returning this one along with the other items that I'm sending back.  I should have a new jacket soon and I can't wait to wear it!  Here's a view from the back!  So many cute details!  :)

I was quite impressed with the customer service that I received on a holiday weekend!  Great job, Stitch Fix!

Verdict:  KEEP (exchange for jacket with intact snap)

4.  Brixon Ivy Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse - $68.00

This is a beautiful shirt!  The color is awesome - blue is my favorite!  The fit/cut just didn't work for me.  It's a flowy top, but it was very fitted in the top/shoulder area.  It looked a bit too small, and just wasn't very flattering.  The armholes were smaller than I would prefer.  I got the feeling that they would have gotten irritating after a few hours.  A top this expensive needs to be perfect . . . and it wasn't.

Sigh.  Look at the pretty lace detail on the back!

Oh, well.  It was a good choice!  It is my style - it just didn't work!

Verdict:  RETURN

5. RD Style Jessika Cowl Neck Poncho - $64.00

When I saw that I was getting a poncho, I tried to keep an open mind.  In general, I prefer fitted clothing.  Ponchos are usually . . . not fitted.  However, I do have fun trying things out of my comfort zone now and then.  Stitch Fix is great for that!  I have several things that I have purchased from Stitch Fix that I probably never would have tried on in a store.  I always keep an open mind and try on everything in the box!

Well . . . meh.  I don't know.  I liked the color.  It's wasn't as baggy as I expected.  The short sleeves, though!  Hmmm.  I think it would look silly without a shirt underneath it - especially with that cowl neck.  The sleeves are on the tight side, as well.  A fitted long-sleeved t-shirt would have been perfect to layer underneath it, but I don't really have any.  I finally came up with one Lucky brand waffle knit shirt to put under it.  Seriously, that's all I have!

If I had some other options to wear under it, I might have considered keeping it.  My husband thought it was cute.

It just wasn't my thing.  I decided to return it, and I updated my note to my stylist to indicate that I'm not a fan of cowl neck and turtleneck tops.  I think it's important to do that - I've never said anything either way about ponchos, cowl necks, or turtlenecks, so why would I be surprised to receive something like this?

Verdict:  RETURN

I really thought this fix was a good one!  I got to try something different (which I appreciated, even though it didn't work out,) and I loved the overall color profile.  I received some colors in my last fix that I wasn't crazy about - I thought this one suited me much better!

Well, my next fix will be coming on December 19th, just in time for Christmas!  We're also planning a New Year's Eve trip with my parents, so I'm hoping to get some fun things to wear for those events.  I can't wait to see what Melanie will choose for me!  :)

By the way, you can check some other awesome Stitch Fix Reviews at this link:

It's hosted by Maria of Crazy Together and Kinder Craze.  She received some great items this month as well!  Check it out!  :)

Please comment?  Did I make the right calls?  Have you received any of these items?  What did you think?  Thanks again for reading!


  1. Since you are keeping three items, doesn't it make sense to keep all 5 and get the discount?

  2. Well, I guess I could have kept everything. I paid just over $170 when I checked out. (for some reason, they only charged me $48 for the pants). For all five items, it would have been $229. (Neither amount includes the $20 styling fee.) I just didn't want to deal with trading/selling the two items that I didn't want. If we were talking a 10 or 20 dollar difference, I would have kept everything. In this case, it was worth it to me to send them back. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)


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