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Golden Tote Review - March 2016

Golden Tote Review - March 2016 - Collage

Golden Tote Review - March 2016

Note:  this post contains affiliate links to support my blogging addiction!  

Spring is here!  Well . . . actually, it's been feeling more like summer already.  I'm not complaining - I thrive on sunshine.  You might find me singing a different tune in August, though.  This heat wears on you eventually, but . . . for now?  Bring it on!  :)

I got a great tote last month!  When I saw the March spoilers, I was super excited!  Unfortunately, by the time I logged on to purchase my March tote, the things I really wanted were sold out.  That's one issue I have with Golden Tote - a lot of the most popular items seem to have very limited availability!

Anyway, after some restocks, I decided to go ahead and order a tote, even though I didn't get my first choices.  There was no desperation here.  It's not like I need the clothes - my closet is in great shape after several months with Golden Tote and over a year with Stitch Fix.  It's just for fun.  :)

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If you're interested in checking it out, please consider following my link to schedule your first fix!  (I just recently joined Stitch Fix's affiliate program, which means I get a small commission for anyone who signs up using my link.  However, my opinions are always my own and I pay for all of my own fixes!)

All right - back to Golden Tote!

When you sign up for Golden Tote, you fill out an online style profile.  It's pretty short - you answer some questions about your measurements, typical sizes, and how you like your clothes to fit.  Here are a couple of pages from my profile:

Golden Tote Style Profile - Style Inspiration

As you can see, they show you a few different style types.  You can check/uncheck as you wish - it's easy to update if you want to try something different for the next tote.

Golden Tote Style Profile - Style Personality
Since you can only upload one photo, I made a collage of items that I have kept and loved from Golden Tote and Stitch Fix.
You are also able to specify certain colors and prints that you would like to avoid, which is helpful if you are not a fan of something that is "in".  For example, I'm not crazy about most florals, and they are everywhere this spring!

You can also attach an image to further depict your own personal style.  From what I understand, most people create collages (as I did).

You can order a tote at any time.  A lot of people buy multiple totes per month!  It's tempting, but I try to stick to one tote if I like the chosen items.  Sometimes I'll add on an item or two.  You can choose a small or large tote.  The small tote is $49 and includes 1 item that you choose and another "surprise" item.  The large tote is $149 and includes 2 items that you choose and 3 to 4 surprise items.  There is also an option to add on additional pieces from their online boutique for a reduced price.

The one drawback is that, if you want the bargain prices (around $25 per item), you have to keep it all.  You can send the whole thing back for a full refund (though you do have to pay for return shipping).  Basically, you just box it all back up, include the packing slip, and ship it back to them using the service of your choice.  If you just can't part with an item, you can keep it and send back the rest, but you will be charged the full boutique price, which is often quite a bit higher than the $25 average.

I ordered a large tote this month.  That's what I've always done in the past.  I love getting surprises!  My tote was styled by JK (though the handwriting was different than last time, so I'm not sure that it's the same JK).

Golden Tote Review - March 2016 - Box and Tote Bag
They got my last name right this time!  :)
When I opened it, my first thought was. "Um . . . OK."  It was a weird mix.  In my style profile, I described my style as "eclectic".  Well, this tote was definitely that.  It almost didn't seem like it was all for the same person.  That's all right, I guess.  I can be a slightly different person from day to day, right?  Aren't most of us?  I was game to try it all on and give everything a chance!

Golden Tote Review - March 2016 - Packing Slip

Here's what I got!

1. Lovestitch Bohemian Dreams Top (chosen item)

Lovestitch Bohemian Dreams Top - Golden Tote Review - March 2016

Though this wasn't one of my top choices from the new March items, I did have high hopes for it.  It's getting warm, but the material seemed lightweight and I liked the colors and pattern.

It's just too small, though.  The arms are too short.  It's snug in the shoulders.  I can feel the neckline pulling in either direction.  It might work in a large, but I don't know if I love it enough to try and find one for sale in the Golden Tote Facebook group.  If I don't know, the answer is probably no.

My husband liked it a lot.  He loved how it looked with the hat, which was a boutique item that I added to my November tote.  I agreed with him.  It was a nice thing to wear with the hat, but I knew I would never feel comfortable wearing it.  I'm tall.  I have long arms.  I hate sleeves that feel too short.  This just won't work.

Also . . . it's 100% rayon.  I'm scared of rayon now.  It has a tendency to shrink.  I've recently lost a few cute tops to rayon shrinkage, which is frustrating.  I'm actually thinking of changing my profile to make sure that I no longer receive rayon except in a fabric blend.

This is a no.

2.  THML Senorita Top (chosen item)

THML Senorita Top - Golden Tote Review - March 2016

My second chosen item was this THML top.  It was originally available in three colors:  teal, coral, and this purple.  On tote launch day, I (and everyone else, apparently) had my eye on this top right away.  I wanted the teal or the coral.  They all sold out really quickly.  The purple was restocked a couple of days later, but they were not able to restock the other colors.  I figured, "Wth, I'll give the purple a try!"  It's not usually one of my go-to colors, especially in this lighter shade, but the top was cute enough to give it a chance.

It's very versatile.  I liked it with my khaki shorts, but I also think it would look really cute with jeans or white skinnies.  

And the hat.  This is Arizona, so everyone wears buffalo nickel hats, right?  Well . . . no.  

I'm trying to be stylish, though.  Trying.  Don't laugh.  :)  

THML Senorita Top - Golden Tote Review - March 2016

I'd like to keep this top, but it depends on how the rest of my tote turns out!

3. Le Sample Cap Sleeve Top (surprise)

Le Sample Cap Sleeve Top - Golden Tote Review - March 2016

When I first saw this surprise top, I was a fan.  I love the pattern.  The back is a slightly sheer black fabric (the same as the sleeves).  I decided to style it with the same khaki shorts and some booties:

Le Sample Cap Sleeve Top - Golden Tote Review - March 2016

Again, I'm not sure about the hat.  I tried.  Ha ha.

Well, this top is marked large.  I usually wear a medium in most Golden Tote brands, so they were obviously aware that it runs small.

It barely fits.  It's a little on the short side and it clings to my hips just a bit.  If it shrunk, it wouldn't be good.

Guess what the fabric content is?  Yep.  100% rayon.  Ugh.

I like it, but I have quite a few other tops similar styles/colors.  I don't know if this one is going to be a keeper.  To be honest, I think it's more flattering on me in the photos than it was in real life.


4. Collective Concepts Paint Stroke Tank (surprise)

Collective Concepts Paint Stroke Tank - Golden Tote Review - March 2016

I just don't get this top.  What style is this supposed to be?  Edgy?  It's just . . . weird.  My sister compared it to one of my three-year old nephew's watercolor projects.  Yep.  That's what it looks like.  Interestingly, blue and black are two of my favorite colors to wear, but I'm not digging it.  This top is not my jam.

Collective Concepts Paint Stroke Tank - Golden Tote Review - March 2016

I was also surprised to find that this is a bit on the small/short side.  I have a few other Collective Concepts tops (in medium) that fit just fine.  This one fits, but just barely, and it has no stretch to it.

It's OK (ish), but I definitely don't love it.  I don't see myself wearing this.

5. Jolie Striped Shirt (surprise)

Jolie Striped Shirt - Golden Tote Review - March 2016

I can see why JK sent me this top.  I do like stripes.  I love red.  It would almost work.  There are a couple of problems, though.

First, the sleeves are a bit too tight.  The arms are long enough, which is GREAT, but my upper arms are not comfortable.  I feel that a casual top like this should be loose.

Also, it's already too warm here for a top like this.  Summer clothing is where it's at.  I probably wouldn't wear this until October.

I don't hate this top.  It looks kind of cute with my red Converse.  It just doesn't make sense, though.  And it doesn't really fit the way I would like.  :/

6. Renee C Tie Dye Swing Dress (surprise)

Renee C Tie Dye Swing Dress - Golden Tote Review - March 2016

This dress was kind of fun.  I don't mind tie-dye!  I did want to try one of the Puella swing dresses (the ikat print) that was part of the March tote launch, but the mediums were sold out before I got a chance!

I'm not so sure that swing dresses are for me.  Tops and dresses that are cut like this sometimes make me feel like I'm wearing maternity clothing.  They're so cute on some people, though.  I want to try it, too!  Ha ha.

Well, this one was pretty close.  The top was fitted, and the swing cut is subtle.  I thought I looked OK in it.

It's super short, though!  My husband thought it was great!  He made a few funny comments that I was tempted to include in this post . . . but then I reconsidered.  Ha ha.

I'm 5'9".  This happens.  Sigh.  I feel comfortable showing my legs, but I might have to bend over for something, you know???  This would be one of those dresses that I'd have to be very careful with.  It's not a dealbreaker.  I kept a super short dress from my last tote, and that worked out.  It's not a work dress.  It's a date dress to wear out to dinner or a show.  That's it.  :)

I'll have to think about this one.  I do like it.  Here's a full length photo.  I thought it would look cute with bare feet, but . . . I'm a runner.  My feet are white.  Ha ha.  Oh, well.

Renee C Tie Dye Swing Dress - Golden Tote Review - March 2016

7. Dorothy Beaded Drop Earrings (boutique item)

Dorothy Beaded Drop Earrings - Golden Tote Review - March 2016

I added on these earrings from the boutique.  There's not much to say about them.  They're cute.  They were only $12.00.  They're not part of the tote, so I can keep them even if I want to send everything else back.

It's kind of a no-brainer.  I guess I have some cute new beaded earrings!  :)

Well . . . I guess that covers it!  I had a great time trying on these items and taking pictures.  I'm undecided, though.  I'd like to keep the purple top (I think).  I also like the rayon top and the swing dress, but both of those have issues (possible shrinkage or too much exposure)!  I could just send the whole tote back and hope for better things in April, but I'd have to pay shipping, which would probably be about $13.

If I keep just the purple top, it would cost me $60.  Doesn't that seem like a lot?  I like it, but I'm not sure if I like it that much!

I could always take my chances and try to sell the things that I don't want in the Golden Tote Facebook group.  I may see if there's any interest!

If my blog post has inspired you to try Golden Tote (it IS fun), please use this referral link to sign up.  If you do, I'll get a small credit.  (In case you're wondering, I was not compensated by Golden Tote in any way for this post.  My only relationship with them is as a customer and I have paid for all of my own items.)

Please comment?  What do you think about the items I received?  Do you think I should keep any of them?  Help me out!  :)

Thanks again for reading!


  1. This is an interesting clothing subscription. I hate when I love a top but it just doesn't fit right whether it be too tight or short. I like the Le Sample Cap Sleeve Top the best but if your not 100% comfortable with it, I wouldn't get it. The purple top is cute but you are right $60 is alot for it.

  2. Hi, Tanya! I decided to send it all back. I love Golden Tote, but it just didn't work out this time. I know what you mean about a top not fitting - I would find myself noticing it all day if it wasn't quite right. :) Thanks for stopping by!


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