Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Those cookies are not only Taylor Swift approved, they're KID approved!!!

So - here's a little update.  A couple of my nephews came over to swim this afternoon.  Check out the cool shark toy I picked up this morning.

You can press the little blue button to make the shark open its jaws and eat the fish.  The fish float, so you can go around the pool destroying little fish.  Then you can make the shark spit them out and do it all over again.  It's kind of a morbid toy, actually, but it went over well!

ANYWAY, one of my nephews, who is almost three, is a bona fide cookie monster.  He ate three of the cookies I made yesterday (see previous post).  No "What is this dark chocolate?"  No "What are these little bits of walnuts doing in the cookies?"  Just three cookies.  Gone.  Quickly.  So, they're kid-approved, too!  :)


  1. Hi
    Where did you get the shark toy? My son had a black and white version of the shark and it's missing and I'm desperately trying to replace it! My mother in law bought it but can't remember where she got it from

    1. I got mine at Target. I hope you can find it! It's a great toy - my nephew loves it!


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