Monday, December 28, 2015

It's done!!!


This is going to be a short post.  My quilt is done.  Yes, finally.  The quilt that took over our kitchen table and dominated quite a few of my summer and weekend days is now on our bed.

I have to admit, I didn't make much progress during the busiest stretch of the fall semester.  At the beginning of winter break, I put the finishing touches on it, and it was done.  Just like that.  :)

It's a little too long for our bed.  It matches nothing in our bedroom.  Due to the size, the pattern (a sugar skull) isn't even discernable.

It doesn't matter.  It's staying!

I never thought I'd get into sewing.  I've always been more into making consumables - food and alcohol!  (Everybody likes that stuff, and it doesn't have to match with ANYTHING!)  However, I changed my mind last spring after becoming heavily involved with a musical called "Quilters".  I bought a sewing machine, I picked a pattern, and there you go.

There were seven women (including myself) in the cast, and we all carried piecing bags throughout the show, using the various scraps and quilt blocks inside them to tell the stories of the spectacularly resilient women we were portraying.  I still have my piecing bag, and now it's filled with the scraps that are left after making this quilt.

I hope to fill it with many more.

There was a lot of frustration along the way, but I'm glad I made the quilt.  Now I have a tangible reminder of an amazing experience. 

Ask me if I would recommend making a king-size quilt right out of the gate.  Go ahead.  Ha ha.  Ha ha ha.  O.o

Next, I'm going to make a nice lap-size quilt for curling up on the couch and watching movies!  R2-D2, I think.  :)

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